I am mad for earrings whether making or wearing them.  My objective is to create earrings that are unique, stunning and wearable.  The original earring designs are created by sketching until a suitable idea emerges or developed directly at the jeweler’s bench. Traditional metal arts techniques such as piercing (cutting a design out of sheet silver), granulation (soldering small grains of silver to the surface), soldering (adhering two pieces of silver together with heat), and stamping (marking the surface of the silver with a tool) are used.  Earrings that are too heavy or too long are uncomfortable to wear and while the weight and length can vary with each owner, it is important to me that Zooming Angel earrings are ultimately wearable.

Zooming Angel earrings are created from the finest materials.  Argentium silver is used exclusively as it inhibits tarnishing.  Semi-precious stones such as Lapis-Lazuli, Jade, Carnelian and Turquoise are used as focal points.  Only sterling silver is used for ear wires.  I strive to improve my practice, and broaden my techniques under the business name Zooming Angel Jewelry.  

I began my artistic career as an art educator at the secondary level and hold a BFA and MED from the University of Utah.  After nearly 20 years teaching commercial art, design, and drawing, a decline in student enrollment and a surplus of teachers of art required me to complete requirements to teach other subjects.  My teaching career became diverse and my expertise broadened to include not only English but also Art History and Debate. 

After retiring from the classroom, I began making earrings from beads but soon discovered that I needed additional skills to execute my ideas.  I spent an intensive week in Santa Fe, New Mexico, at Hazeltine School of Fine Jewelry learning to fabricate silver, and for the past nine years; I have been fabricating silver earrings.  Last September I completed an enameling course through Rio Grande in Albuquerque, New Mexico, broadening my skills in another direction,